Jeff and Amy have been married for 14 years, and have 11 children between the ages of 17 and newborn (no twins!). We have been Christ followers for many years, confident in our salvation and the call of our God because of the cross of Jesus Christ, and his resurrection from the dead.

Jeff is a network engineer by trade, to pay the bills and keep all the mouths fed! He has also completed a Biblical Studies certificate from Liberty University.

Amy is a stay at home mom, home-school teacher, and internet business entrepreneur, which we believe God has built for the purpose of supplemental provision in covering our monthly expenses.

Our children are Alex, Anna, Gracie, Jeffrey, Levi, Alona, Price, Joel, Caleb, Dahlia, and Hope - each a treasure, with unique talents and abilities; and each able to serve along side us in ways that only children can do.

Jeff's Faith Story
As a young child, I grew up in a broken home.  I have never known my biological father, and have vague memories of several different men in my mother’s life.  My mother did not raise me in a Christian home, and I was not taught the value of knowing and loving God.  My mother’s co-worker however had a desire to help my mom, and in an effort to give her a weekly break from single parenting responsibilities, she would come pick me up for church and Sunday school regularly.  I was probably 6 or 7 years old, and remember one particular morning in that little white church hearing and understanding enough of the gospel that I wanted to be a child of God and be forgiven of my sin.  The other kids left to go play outside, and I hung back and talked with one of the adults there.  After a few years, I guess we moved and I didn’t go to church with this woman anymore, but my mother had seen something in me perhaps, or was just tired of living the life that she was leading and so we began to go to church together.  I think that God used my young relationship with him to draw my mother to Himself as well, since it didn’t seem like long and she too was living differently and we were going to church together regularly. 

My mom and step dad met there and were married.  His job moved us to North Carolina when I was 12.  We began attending Colonial Baptist church within the year and I have great memories of growing up in the youth program there.  I learned much about Gods word and had great opportunities for personal growth in my relationship with God through Bible studies, youth events, youth mission trips, and weekly participation in worship services.  As a teenager though, and in a family that was perhaps mostly concerned with outward appearances, I found myself on a rollercoaster of faith and rebellion. 

Throughout my high school years I would oscillate between fired-up commitment to obeying the Lord and seeking His face for months, followed by months of wayward exploration in the what the world had to offer in girls, cars, and materialism.  This attitude of rebellion followed me through graduation and into early adult life.  I had a good job, didn’t have a need for college, and pursued with greater ambition the things of this world, following more after girls and now alcohol and drugs.  These things led me into an isolated depression after a year or two.  I found myself surrounded by people, but alone and sad.  I found myself wanting off the hamster wheel, but unable to exercise the will and self control to break the cycle.  During one evening of particular despair over my current sadness and inability to break free, my Dad reminded me of who Jesus is, that he was indeed alive and able to rescue me, and that he had already done so if I would simply repent and turn back to him.  A light bulb went off in my heart and mind that night and I was struck in an inexplicable way about the reality of these things.  I went home and emptied the remainder of that weekends drug stash, and began reading my Bible.  In the coming months I would consume His Word in much of my free time and began a discipleship relationship that assisted in propelling me along the path of seeking Gods face again, knowing Him and His ways intimately and finding pleasure in obeying His word. 

Shortly after this I met my wife and got married, began having children (I think we've stopped finally!!!) and have by Gods grace continued to grow in faith and hopefully in godly character.  During the last 14 years of my marriage, God has at different times and in different ways continued to teach me and draw me along the path of sanctification.  I have experienced seasons of spiritual dryness and doubt, but He faithfully uses circumstances and others to remind me of The Truth and cause me to follow after Him new and fresh ways, the most recent being through the adoption of our newest son and daughter from Ukraine – something I thought and muttered to myself that I would never do.  I have been engaged in a consistent discipleship relationship for the past 8 years where I am challenged to live out Gods word consistently before my family and coworkers. In addition, I do my best to lead a similar discipleship group and challenge others to do the same. 

What does it mean that Jesus is my Savior?
Jesus as my Savior is THE one that I rely on for a perfect righteousness that has paid the penalty for my sin.  He has taken my place in death and provided me life, both now and in the age to come, through His resurrection.  He has washed me clean through the shedding of his blood, which has been applied to my life by faith alone in His atoning sacrifice and work on my behalf.  I have been forgiven, redeemed, and made spotless by the gracious kindness of this one god-man Jesus, my Savior.

What does it mean that Jesus is my Lord?

Jesus as my Lord is THE one in control of my life.  All things are in submission to His rule and His authority.  I have nothing apart from Him and simply aim to be a good and faithful steward of the gifts He has entrusted to me.  This includes my time, talents, abilities, money and possessions.  They are all His.  As my Lord I am bound to obeying His Word and His voice because of the gratefulness I have for the freedom from sin and death He has given.  I am bound to living for His pleasure because of the great love that He has shown me.  The one who made heaven and earth, who holds all things together, has control over my life and I aim to submit humbly to Him in all things.  While I know that I still carry my body of sinful flesh around, I will aim to bring it under the control of His indwelling Spirit, and both confess and repent when I have not.


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Our Family
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