Documents, Zina

These are the documents we created, with names and addresses of private citizens redacted for privacy.

2.  Act on my behalf with respect to the following matters:
            a. to pursue all insurance claims on my behalf.
            b. to receive and make disposition of the cash value of all checks, money orders, or other forms of financial transaction related to the settlement of insurance claims with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.
            c. to act on my behalf in all matters, written and verbal, in relation to the contract with HARDISON & COCHRAN, P.L.L.C.

3.  Have access to my healthcare and medical records and statements regarding billing, insurance,
payments and authorizations for payment.

I, Zinaida ***************, hereby authorize and permit any and all associates of HARDISON & COCHRAN, P.L.L.C. to discuss the case involving myself and Liberty Mutual Insurance company regarding the status and settlement of the insurance claim resulting from the automobile accident in which I was involved with Jeffrey ******* and Amy *******.    I authorize HARDISON & COCHRAN, P.L.L.C. to settle the case with Liberty Mutual via my attorney-in-fact, Amy *******.  I give her permission to represent me verbally and written, and to sign all documentation required to close the case and receive settlement monies.

 I, Amy *******, will not hold Zinaida ****** responsible for any
monies involving the support and assistance provided to her in assocation with school tution, travel expenses, lodging, food, clothing, transportation and other living expenses that took place anytime during 2014 through and including 2016.  Zinaida ****** will not owe any debt of any kind to Jeffrey ******* or Amy ******* as a result of the Durable Power of Attorney regarding the insurance claim, nor will she be obligated to any form of future reimbursement or debt of any kind.  The Power of Attorney signed is limited to
settlement of the insurance claim with Liberty Mutual and legal contract representation with lawyers at HARDISON & COCHRAN, P.L.L.C. 

By acting and agreeing to act as the Attorney-in-Fact under the power of attorney granted by Zinaida ******, I assume the fiduciary and legal responsibilities of the Attorney-in-Fact.   Any action taken on behalf of Zinaida ****** that is not specifically authorized within the Power of Attorney will be considered an act of fraud and subject to criminal investigation and prosecution.

I have read the foregoing notice and understand the duties and responsibilities that I assume as Attorney-in-Fact.

Dated ___________________________________, _________, at Fuquay Varina, North Carolina.

Amy *******

said named, Amy *******,


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