Well it's about time for an update!

So much has happened since June 2013, and I for one apologize for not keeping people more up to date on what has been going on...so I'll try to summarize a lot of ground in as few words as possible.

God has shown himself true and strong again.  He has provided abundantly for all our needs, completed the house construction project (99% complete), and allowed for the smooth and problem free delivery of our newest child - Hope Kathryn.  Wow - there is a lot packed in there...

Finalizing all the house documentation took a couple of trips back and forth to Ukraine to accomplish, but it was done in October of last year.

With those trips came the awesome news of being able to locate our girls, Katya and Karina, yet again.  They had moved just a few blocks over from their old location - so it wasn't too difficult.  Oh, the joy to see grandma and our girls again was incredible.  They are doing well, top of their class in school, and healthy and happy.  We (and we think they) are looking forward to us being a part of their lives after we arrive on a more consistent basis.  Grandma let us have the girls for the day, take them all the way back to Kherson for an afternoon of ice-skating, eating and hanging out...which seemed like a big leap of trust for grandma!  Extended family came over to see the girls, and each was welcoming of our presence and interest in Katya and Karina's lives.  We will keep building trust slowly, and hope to be able to have them stay with us on weekends or for extended periods in the summer if they'd like to.  This will give opportunities to share Jesus with them water those seeds regularly.  We hope it takes root - grandma is not a believer, so neither are they - and we will pray to see the work of God's Spirit in all their lives with eyes opened to the truth.  Here are a few shots from that reunion:

Hanging out at the girls' house.  Their aunt let me hold their newest addition to the family (another sign of trust and favor with the adults - always a good thing!

We are truly grateful to our translator, liaison, and brother - Sergey - for all the work he has done in overseeing the project.  He has communicated with us, we established a way to transfer monies to him quickly for payments required, and without his involvement - none of this would have happened as it has.  He is truly a gift from God to us and we are so grateful for his service and friendship!  Here are a few photos of before and after of the house progress:

Attic Before

Attic became Bedrooms After
Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

Living Room Before

Living Room After

So we are now embarking on this journey that we believe God has called us to.  Are we full of faith, yes.  Are we also a bit fearful, yes, we are still human.  In light of the politics and coming elections, along with the perhaps "normal" fears of a move like this - we are stepping out in faith that this is the time for us to move, now is the time to act.  If we wait for peace to settle into the region, we may wait forever.

To some all of this is foolish, to others irresponsible and unwise.  I am convinced that it is none of these things when led by the hand and will of God.  To be pursuing relationship with Christ over and above the perceived comforts and securities that the world has to offer is always wise and responsible, no matter what the outcome.  We anticipate struggles and challenges, but we anticipate that God will see us through them in the best way for us and for His glory to be shown - it is what we live for, to know Christ.

Our final weeks include packing and preparing for departure on June 4th.  The van is being shipped with as much as we can stuff her with, and we will be on the ground in our new home on June 6th.  Passports, documentation, etc.  It's been an incredible journey to come this far, but of course is just the beginning....  If you know our God, please pray with us for:

  • Smooth final preparations, documentation and packing is a lot of logistics with 13 of us
  • Safety in Travel and on-time flights
  • Protection from the enemy with regards to family dynamics and tensions that build during stressful times such as these (particularly for our oldest children).


  1. Just read your update and you should be there now! Praying for adjustment and settling in quickly! God bless!



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