Partner With Us as We Move to Ukraine

Can you help us with the initial start-up costs of moving our family to Ukraine? 

Praise the Lord that He has blessed us with new life in Him through the blood of Jesus and His resurrection from the dead.  In this we have full confidence and assurance of hope of the coming Kingdom.  We are thankful as well for the gift of Jeff's job skills and trade, which we will rely on the Lord as the means of supplying our monthly income needs during our stay in Ukraine. 

As we whittle down possessions and sell off the assets in preparation for the big move, we think it would be wise to accumulate a certain amount of funds in preparation for the expenses needed to get settled in a new place - starting over with most items necessary for daily living.  To that end, we are saving as much as possible on our own.  

God has supplied our family generously, and we have paid the initial purchase price of this property.  Additionally we have sent another $10,000 to continue finishing the construction required.  We are currently selling jewelry, furniture, house, cars, computers, outdoor equipment and anything we cannot carry with us or ship in a box to our new location.  We anticipate that this might supply us another $40-50,000.00 of our needs.  Our house will be on the market on June 15th.  

Financial Planning Highlights...
Preparing the Place
Purchase a house in Kherson - cost $72,000.00 USD                           PAID in Full
Finish the construction - estimated cost $30,000.00 USD                      $20,000 more Needed
Purchase a Van—estimated cost $15,000.00 USD                               Needed

Flights (for a family of 12)—estimated cost $15,000.00 USD                 Needed
Residency application—estimated cost $3,500.00 USD                         Needed
Emergency Evacuation Fund—cost $20,000.00 USD                            Needed

Monthly Expesnes
Monthly Living Expenses—estimated cost 3,000.00 USD                     Supplied in Full (earned income)

Total Needed:  ~73,500 USD   

Total in Hand: ~3,000 USD


    We appreciate your partnership and generous support of both prayer and finances as we seek to make these God-dreams a reality, changing our lives and the lives of children forever. 

    We are members of Northwest Community Church.  They are walking with us through the preparations; providing wise counsel and encouragement along the way.  One of the ways they have graciously given us their support is by allowing for a tax deductible contribution vehicle.  

If you would like to support our plans, Please makes checks payable to Northwest Community Church,
and indicate ‘Ukraine’ in the memo line for proper allocation of funding to this project.  They should be mailed to  our church office at the address below:
      Northwest Community Church
      Attention: Finance Department
      7712 Carpenter Fire Station Rd.
      Cary, NC 27519 

If you have any questions for us, please email us at


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