Our Call: Relocation to Kherson

We have been called, all of us brothers and sisters, to a life of worship and service to King Jesus.  We have been called by His mercy and grace.  We have been called for His purposes and our good.  We have been called into relationship with the Father, through the Son, by the Spirit - adopted as sons and daughters!  Called to live lives that reflect His goodness and love.  Called to live in this world, but not as though we are of this world.   As we walk with Him in this calling, it has become clear to us that He has called us to live as his children in another place.  We are all sojourners in a foreign land, waiting to be taken home to our true home - so we plan move from one "foreign land" to another, in order:

1. To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples among orphans, their caretakers, and orphanage staff - teaching them to both love and serve the Lord while developing a proper self-worth and view of human life as God's treasure of creation, equipping and teaching them to teach others these truths as well.
2. To disciple orphans who are aging-out of the system by providing them with a safe place to live (16-21 years old girls), under loving “parental” authority and accountability, and providing an opportunity to become competent, mature adults who are able to live and work successfully within their society for the sake of the gospel
3. To encourage, build-up, co-labor, and support brothers and sisters in the work of this ministry as we spend our lives together for the sake of the gospel.
4. To assist orphans and adoptive families by providing them a comfortable and safe place to stay while traveling in Kherson during  their adoption process.

Ministry Outline
1. Partnering with Agape Ministries
- Serving as volunteers with the many areas of orphan care work currently underway.

2. Proclaim the Gospel and Make Disciples
-Orphanage Outreach and Evangelism
-Orphan Discipleship Camps
-Food, Material & Medical Assistance
Caretakers and Orphanage Staff
-Tutoring Assistance to students
Community Participation
Small Group Facilitation

3. Assist Aging-Out Orphans
Transitional Housing and ‘Parental’ Care
Education and Training
-Life Skills
-Social Skills
-Job Skills
Discipleship through Family Life
-Training in the Word
-Serving God by serving others
Follow-Up Care

4. Hospitality House
Accommodations and moral support for adopting families visiting our region.


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Our Family
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