Emergency: Kids aging out of orphanage...help find them families!

So you know that Sasha has a family, right?  His mom has several other kids that are friends of Sasha's who are in dire straits, about to age out of the orphanage and have no family to call their own.  Time is of the essence for these children.  They need quick action.  Please read and share far and wide just like we did for Sasha.  There are families out there who will read this and their hearts will be broken for these kids and they WILL move, but they need you to show them the need...

This handsome young man is about to turn 16 and at that point he will age out of the orphanage system in his country.  He needs a dossier-ready family or a family that is willing to file an extension for him.  My friend Nicole met him on a mission trip to Eastern Europe.  She cracked a joke to him to get him to laugh and then told him it was a joke and then he stayed near her the whole time she was in-country.  She gave him a necklace and he wore it every day and never took it off.  You could see that he just wanted to have the love and acceptance of a mother and family.  He is shy and quiet but just wants to be near someone.  When you look at him and reach for his hand, he gets a crooked grin and grabs it back.  He has a passion for reading and loves animals.  His hope is to become a home builder.  He believes in God and his wishes are to have a family and to visit America.  This boy has some tall genes in his family!  He was even taller than a very tall Nicole!  She interviewed him at length and she has more information on him that she would be happy to share for any serious family.  Please help us to share him everywhere and find this precious child a family! For more photos see here:  http://andthisonematters.blogspot.com/2013/04/timing-out-teen-young-man-needs-family.html
It says "Nicole thank you for helping me find a family, I am very grateful to you".   -From "S"
To read more on him please visit: http://reecesrainbow.org/57191/sebastian
Here is another young man that Nicole met on the mission trip and we really need to share him as well.  He has very little time for a family to get their dossier ready before he is legally free for adoption and he SO badly wants a forever family!  We cannot emphasize too much just how badly he aches to be a beloved part of a family.  When the team left his orphanage to come back to America, he was crying so hard he was shaking and almost couldn't breathe, poor fella :(  Nicole just held him and told him to hang on.  People, he needs a REASON to hang on!  Please, please share this post and pray for him, that a family's heart would be pierced on his behalf and that they would be willing to move heaven and earth in order to swoop in and love this boy home!  For more information and to donate to help a family bring him home, see http://reecesrainbow.org/57187/ianto  Nicole is happy to share everything she knows about these kids, so comment on this post and we will put you in touch with her. 
Arina needs to be adopted before she ages out.  She’ll be 14 this summer, and her paperwork will be ready for her to be adopted this summer as well — giving her only two more years for her family to find her.
Arina is a beautiful young lady!  She is on the shy side and quiet but just so eager to be with you and next to you. She loves to braid ones' hair and does an incredible job! I see hairdressing in her future! A mission team visited her school and she took to a particular team member and really attached to her and she opened up. One of the other team members gave her some purple barrettes because she saw that Arina always had a purple hair scrunchie in her hair to keep it up and she hugged her with a big grin and just about in tears. She was so grateful.
When she was asked what was one thing she would like to change about herself, she said her character because she trusts others too much and they always hurt her. She enjoys classical music and would like to learn how to play the piano. She enjoys sports such as ping pong, badminton and she also enjoys art, cross-stitching and beading. If she could choose to be in a busy place or a calm and quiet place she would enjoy a little of both. She would prefer to be in the presence of friends versus alone. She is not concerned about being a follower or leader she just wants to be loved and be able to trust others. She would like to be a massage therapist when she can have a career. If she could have three wishes she would love to ride in an airplane, have a cell phone and travel. If she could visit anywhere she said she would love to go visit Paris because of the atmosphere. She has never been out of country but would love to. When asked would she like to visit America she had a big grin and said yes. If she could choose a family to stay with that had children she said she would prefer to be the middle child. She said she prefers girls in the family but younger boys are ok. Her favorite colors are purple, pink and black. She loves cats and dogs and size does not matter and her favorite animal is a parrot.
This young lady has such a tender heart and would love the opportunity to experience the love of family and be able to trust and just feel secure in order to breath. You can see this young lady longs for the touch of a mother.
Arina's profile can be seen here:  http://reecesrainbow.org/57183/arina



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