Hmmm...Confirmation already?

Could it be that God is answering prayers for clarity and confirmation of His will already in this exploration trip?  While sitting at RDU waiting for the very first flight of our trip, I received a call from a woman in NY with a moving company that I had contacted in January regarding container quotes.  I didn't hear from this company then, but today - Joy called to discuss the details and find out where we were in the process.  She was interested in why we were moving, which led to a brief description of the details leading up to our current events, along with an opportunity to weave the truth of who exactly Jesus is and what He has done.  She was thrilled to be a part of helping us, specifically because of the purpose behind our desire to go. 

She proceeded to tell me that they are a door to door shipping company.  They will pack, load, ship, and unload at the destination for us.  She asked questions that would enable her to put together a comprehensive quote so that we can be prepared in advance for this particular expense - but assured us that this is the easiest way to get the job we are looking at done! 

It was such an encouraging conversation at the onset of our exploration into these things.  I feel a little like Mary perhaps...not jumping to conclusions, but pondering these things quietly while we watch how the Lord reveals His will and plans for us.  Gotta say, feels like confirmation is already beginning to take place.  Praise God for faithfully leading His children where he wishes!  Hoping we have open eyes, ears, and hearts as we proceed along this week's path. 

As I write this, Jeffrey just stood up and started passing out Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts around the terminal.  I admire his bravery and willingness to share the greatest message imaginable on this Good Friday.  God encourage him and bless these efforts.  Im humbled by his courage! 


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Our Family
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