Meet Sasha...the boy with no family. Could he be your son?

 Sasha K.

Have you ever seen a more handsome face?  But the amazing thing about Sasha is what is on the inside.  He is a poet and deep thinker and longs for a family.  I just know that God has one for him and it is my goal to share him with as many people as possible until his mama and daddy see him are are moved in their hearts to go and bring this precious, sweet boy home.  What a tremendous blessing he will be to his family!  All he wants is to belong and to love and be loved.  Please read and share far and wide and help Sasha to come home.  His very life depends on it.  He is 15 and will age out of the orphanage system November 14, 2013.  With no where to go.  No skills or connections to help him find a job.  And no family to help him become a man... 

 Sasha (in the red shirt) with other children, learning how to do "the wave", a break dance move.

 From Tiffany, who participated in a mission trip to Sasha's orphanage last year:
He talked to us about really wanting a family. We call him Acrobat Sasha because he did several back flips off the playground equipment. During our last trip, he was quiet at first and stayed in the back. But he was always there. He opened up after a short while and then wanted to hold our hands and give us hugs. I've written to him several times and I've attached a letter I got back.  He is in the first picture and his letter is on page two, he is a poet!  He has been at the orphanage for seven years.  It seems like everyone who goes there and meets him falls in love with him.

Letter to Tiffany from a caregiver at Sasha's orphanage:

 Dear Tiff,
 I`ve got your Package yesterday in the morning. All the boys were happy to get your letters and gifts! Thank you for the gift for me too, I liked it very much =)! I brought the boxes to boys and I plan to bring the socks next weekends for girls and boys.

The little Vova was so excited, that he even didn`t understand what`s happened, but a little later he came and jumped on me with a big smile. Can you imagine? I have NEVER seen him so happy =)!

 I send you a picture where Sasha and Iliya were reading and discovering your letters/boxes with gifts

                  Sasha (in the green shirt) and Ilya opening their gifts mentioned in the letter above.

Letter to Tiffany from Sasha:
I`ve spent 7 years in orphanage. My Birthday is in November 14. I don`t have parents and I would like you to become my mother and I would like to have Iliya as my brother. If you want you can adopt us.

I love you as a bird loves heaven
I love you as sun loves Earth
I love you as you love me.

Your friend, Sasha K.

Would be an amazing son or what???  So much love to give but no family to give it to...

The following is from my friend Sabrina, who also participated on a mission trip to Sasha's orphanage:
I can tell you that several of our team members from our March trip fell in love with this kind and sweet young man. (He loves to do flips and is an excellent acrobat. There are several Sashas here so the orphanage friends and prayer warriors, we refer to him as "Sweet Acrobat Sasha").  Today I met up with another mission team I had served with on my first trip - I didn't know he knew them, but he was very happy to spend time with them. They also spoke volumes of good things about Sasha, confirming what I already knew and had heard from so many others.  Adoptive families have also noticed this special kid and although they weren't able to bring him home with them, are praying and trying to find a family for him.

This summer we had the opportunity to talk to some of the orphanage workers and they tell us he is a VERY good boy. He wants to be adopted very badly and has been clear about letting his desire be known to others. I have been told by orphanage workers and those who minister at the orphanage regularly that for years he has been asking if there is a family for him ... if anyone knows of a family for him ...  I have been told that he is truly an orphan - truly alone - with no siblings, family, relatives or visitors.  

From what I have observed, he longs for attention and affection (loves hugs and melts when I give him a kiss on the forehead) but does not seek it out. He often stands off to the side, or is around - the younger ones and those more assertive about trying to get attention / affection are the first ones you will see - unless you step back and see this sweet boy watching ... wanting to be a part of things. When invited in, or when time is made to talk with him - he really enjoys it. He gives eye contact , smiles and has always been very respectful towards me.

He seeks out interaction and comes to visit when mission teams are there. He enjoys being around people and even when lessons are geared towards younger children he will often hang around ... to be close and loves when he is invited to help out. He is not at all clingy - just has a strong desire to connect.

From what I have observed, he is a very good leader - though more the quiet strong type - the kids look up to him and he is respected (not feared).  He spends quite a bit of time with the younger kids - they look up to him as he is like a big brother to them. When he was sick and in the hospital they were concerned and would say how much they missed him.

Sasha seems to enjoy the responsibility of helping and is eager is please. He is a great acrobat, loves playing soccer, listening to music and is interested in cars (would like to draw / design cars one day).  

What has gotten to my heart the most this trip is catching him watch us or another adoptive family - and seeing the longing that he has.  Time is of the essence as he turned 16 in November (2013).  Thank you for praying for Sasha and for sharing him as you are able.

  Notice how he is holding someone's hand here.  Melt my heart!


  1. If we have families express interest, who do we direct them to for more information? I would really love to see this sweet boy come home to his forever family.

  2. I'm adopting a girl from the same place Sasha is, very will travel in March hopefully. Can you email me please about him?!

  3. How to we get more info on how to look into adopting Sasha?

  4. Hi Amy! My name is Ashley, and I was one of other two families adopting children with Down syndrome from Russia who were stuck in limbo along with Tesney Davis (Our Eyes Opened) when the judge in our region denied Kirill's adoption (our Baby J --- now named Juliana, or "Junie", has been home over a year now!). I would really like to advocate for Sasha. His story is breaking my heart, and I would love to be front & center to watch God bring him into his forever family. I would really like to find out who to direct families to for more info. God just keeps burdening my heart with this boy. If you could email me or respond in the comments, that would be great! Thanks!

  5. We are headed over on Sunday. If there are notes, letters, questions or if you're local to Raleigh NC and want to send something over to Sasha shoot me an email.

  6. We are really interested in more information about getting details into adopting Sasha. My wife asked for information last Saturday but we haven't heard anything yet. You can contact us at my email
    Thank you!

  7. I know the process is slow, but wondered if anyone has pursued Sasha's adoption? I have been praying and advocating for him and he has been on my heart. Thank you for any updates you can provide. I don't know this boy but he's held a big place in my heart since you've posted this.

  8. Same question here! Is anyone in the process to adopt him?
    He is a very special boy!
    And thanks so much for sharing him!

  9. It seems that Sasha is losing hope and has begun acting out. Anyone with serious interest in him can let me know here and we can talk privately about what is happening with him. He will need strong and patient parents who have experience with kids who are going through deep grief. There is rumor of a younger brother who was adopted away from him and that is most likely at play with his acting out as well. I believe he has great potential and is in great need of a family to teach him the way to go. But adoption is not for count the cost if you are wanting to pursue him and make sure the Lord is the One leading you in this way.

  10. Oh and PS, sorry it took so long to get back with you all who posted in January! I didn't get notifications on your posts. We have also been waiting to confirm with several sources close to Sasha as to what is going on with him before relaying that info. Please, again, contact me by leaving a comment here if you are serious about him. I know of one family that hopes to meet him soon and is prayerfully considering adopting him if the meeting goes well in March! So please please pray for this boy. He is so loved by so many and he needs are help or he will certainly drown on his own.

  11. Could you please contact me?
    Our situation is complex (we are not americans) but we are seriously considering him... Please don't let our inquiry discourage anybody, it would be better to see him adopted in the States as you have more specialized people, you have more experience of adoption than we do but for lack of that and if it is God's will and plan we think he would be better here than staying where he is without a family...
    I've been worried about him, what do you mean by "he's acting out" ? Please contact me.
    Anyway I'll be praying for him.

  12. Sorry to write again. I was wondering if you had a problem with my email, if the notifications still didn't work or something? I check the comments on this blog post, here, often so I will see it if you leave a message here just in case.
    You may be busy and I totally understand. I only have 3 kids as of yet and life is already rather hectic. I don't want to imagine what it must be for you with 8!
    I don't want you to feel rushed or anything at all. What you wrote about Sacha really got me worried...
    I tried to contact Jon, who commented earlier and who is at Sacha's orphanage if I'm not mistaken, but he said he has had little contact with Sacha. So I'm still really worried...
    Sorry again to bother you! I don't know how else to contact you, or what else to do...

  13. Ma Rose, I need your email address and I can send you the info that way :)

  14. Thought I put it in the comments. Sorry.
    It is either:

    Thanks a lot! :-)

  15. I spoke with Sasha for the first time today using Y and Google translate. Up until now he has seemed to avoid Americans when he saw them. Whether he has been in trouble or not, he is still looking after the younger kids, teaching them what he knows, and just being a good friend to them all. He was definitely skeptical about me though :-) His heart is still 100% there. I asked Y about him as well and she indicated that he is a favorite of the kids as well.

  16. That's great to hear! There are several families interested in him but I don't know that anyone is moving forward at this time. Hoping for the best for him...

  17. Thank you so much for the update Jon, I have been checking back to this thread almost daily and praying incessantly for Sasha. I have so much hope for him and will continue to advocate for him. I pray that an interested family will take action.

  18. Has anyone stepped up to adopt Sasha? We want to continue shouting out for him if not! Darla

  19. There is a mom and son there now to meet him (they are on a mission trip to that orphanage) and they are going to see how the boys get along and to see if the Lord would have them pursue Sasha. This could be it!

  20. Ooooooooooooooooooooooh! Stay tuned for a very special announcement! With photos :)

  21. Is it Nicole? ^_^ Anyway, I am hoping for the BEST! In any case, I'm getting teary. What a blessed son he will be!

  22. Yes, Nicole will be his mama and he already calls her that. She is home and no doubt will begin his dossier this week. Sasha is absolutely adored by his new family :) Thanks to all for your many prayers...



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