Time with Alex on Tuesday

Today I walked Alex to school so that I would know where to meet him later as he and his teammates prepared to go race somewhere downtown against other schools.  It was more of a celebration in anticipation of Victory Day (Wednesday).  As we came to the school it was not like American schools where a foreigner must check in - we just freely walked to different classrooms and the cafeteria etc.  I met some friends and then went on my way when the bell rang with a request to be back at noon to go to the race.

I returned and waited for him until almost 1 (perhaps the time was misunderstood).  Not a waste of time, all of the school age kids from the orphanage come to school here.  They were outside and we had fun horsing around a little while.  Once Alex came we went next door to the gymnasium where he and 5 or 6 of he and his friends started to play futball.  They asked me to join.  Its hard to hesitatingly do that knowing that Im old and slow now.  I know this of course - but don't like to admit it!  We had a good time and I helped Alex's team win - turns out I can still hobble around quickly enough to be useful sometimes.  We had a great time playing and left the gym drenched.  Then we gathered the rest of the team together and headed for a bus that took us to the downtown area of the race.

There were many people gathered to watch, and even more gathered to participate in the relays.  There was some big set of announcements and perhaps 10 people spoke and a couple of people sang.  Poor kids, they had to stand in the street waiting for the formalities to end so they could get on with the race.  They cheerfully endured (mostly) and then it was time.  Alex's team came in 3rd place and then we strolled home with his friends and picked up some ice cream along the way to celebrate not coming in last.  Ha.  Any reason for ice cream is a good reason.

Here are some pics from the day.  We have some positive news on the birth certificate - hopefully reducing things to a 2-3 week wait, but of course are not sure yet and cannot really bank on anything until it comes to pass.  Thanks for prayers, keep them up... we would love to bring both home at the same time, even if it means I wait here a couple of weeks longer.

 walking to school

 a classroom in the city school

 this is where Alex has learned much of his English.  Teacher wants me to come Monday as a live prop or something...should be fun.

 school entrance

 lobby right inside that entrance

 gym and football game

 color guard for race ceremonies

 ceremony procession

 almost time to race

 the baton handoff any second now.

giving it his all for the team.


  1. WOW Alex looks looks he's running w/ all his might Anna



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