Gotcha day!

Our facilitator, Alex, returned this morning early and we went about getting everything in motion again today.  He picked up the court decree late this afternoon and phoned Russia with the information they needed to begin their process.  After some more back and forth with an office in Takkenrog it has been determined that he will travel to Russia tomorrow where he hopes to access the office personnel on Thursday and get Alex's birth certificate on the spot.  Russia basically told us that if they like the paperwork we bring and everything is done to their satisfaction, they will issue the certificate.  If they don't, then we will need to get whatever paperwork they request and return with it in hand.  Hopefully all of this will be done on Thursday and they will "like" the forms and information they receive from us.  Alex (facilitator) leaves in the morning at 8:30am...we pray he is back on Friday with everything in hand to process both children together in Lugansk and then we will make our way to Kiev ASAP.

After this we spent went to the orphanage and waited for the meal time where we treated both Alex and Alona's groups to pizza, juice, and cakes.  We arrived maybe 2 or 3 hours ahead of this time, but Alona was ready to go.  When I arrived, she changed her clothes into some fairly nice things, packed a bag and promptly told me that it was time to go home - she was ready to leave yesterday!

Alex on the other hand still had not prepared any of his stuff like I had told him to begin doing the day before.  So he was in scramble mode to try and sort through things and bring what he wanted.  I still don't know what he brought or how in the world Im gonna get it all home.  Some of it is just gonna have to get left behind I think, but we will see....we do need room for LOTS of chocolate and some peach juice for the kiddos at home!

Here are some pictures from their last hour or so in the orphanage, and us together as we are walking down the street - their final good-byes said and hugs given to all.  There are none of Alex's class because of two reasons - both groups were enjoying the goodies at the same time and Alex was running around all over the place trying get his stuff together which made it very difficult to get anyone to stay still or gather for group pictures.  The staff and caretakers are great people and truly love their kids, as you could tell from all the hugs and best wishes given by so many.


  1. so pumped! love you guys sooo much!!!!

  2. Come home safely love you all

  3. Cool stuff. Hopefully you three will be home next week! -Angela



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