Birth Certificate Granted

Well it seems that God has answered prayer with a 'YES' on this occasion.  Thank you all so much for standing in the gap with us and praying for this situation to work out for us all.  Our facilitator traveled to Russia yesterday, arriving in the afternoon and completing all necessary translations and certifications required.  He then presented everything in the office this morning and the Russian authorities granted approval of the paperwork and processed the certificate on the spot.  He even found a bus back today and is traveling back now as we speak - to arrive later this evening.  We will move forward with Lugansk passports tomorrow and hopefully get them very quickly - possibly on a train back to Kiev this weekend!  All in all the Russian certificate issue only delayed things by two days - amazing considering there was the threat of months delay only days ago.  We are rejoicing and praising God for his swift and decisive reply to all the intercession on our behalf - again, thank you so much.  Looking forward to seeing my family at home soon!


  1. So glad to hear this good news. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back home. Miss you and love you Mom



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Our Family
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