Another Great Day With The Kids...

We got to spend another great day with the kids playing at their school.  The mosquitoes are massive and ravenous and we can only stay outside for a little while at a time.  My theory is that after the -30 degree F days this winter that only the biggest and meanest of the mosquitoes survived and they are out for blood!  Thankfully Pavelina's family was there to share some mosquito repellent with us and that allowed us to play more outside and get these great photos.

 Alona and Pavelina riding one of the brand new bikes that were delivered to the orphanage.

 So stinkin' cute!

 Jeff and Alex.  I think this was after a raucous game of tag that Jeff played with all of the boys from Alex's group.  They had such a blast and when we left, they dispersed in all different directions, showing that they had all gathered around Jeff for these games with him and they weren't going to do anything else until he was gone.  Oh how these boys need a Daddy who will romp and play and be crazy with them...

 Family photo taken by our facilitator, Alexey.  We'll need a wide-angle lens when we take one with ALL the kids!

 Sweet :)

 Our facilitator, Alexey, and Jeff.  He has been such a God-send...

 Daddy and Alex, such hams.

 Alexey and Alex became good friends during our adoption process.  Alex makes friends with everyone he meets, he is such a great kid.  So blessed to now be able to officially call him our son.

 GQ baby!


  1. Love these pics that capture such memorable moments. Sweet pic of Alona and Pavelina on the bicycle enjoying a ride together. Alex has a charming smile. Yes, yes, yes, the boys so need papas with whom to romp and play and learn how to be a man. Both of the children have been richly blessed to be embraced into your family. -Angela

  2. Loving the photos ya all. So glad to see smiles on you all and YOUR SON AND DAUGHTER!!!! They FINALLY have a forever family! I LOVE IT!

  3. I LOVE YOU ALEX AND ALONA !!!!!!!!!



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