Agape Soccer Tournament

A new and exciting development that we were able to experience while in Kherson was a soccer tournament that was organized by Agape Ministries here in Kherson.  It was an all-day event and the kids played so hard!  Agape even had their own team of boys who have graduated from the orphanages, along with some of their younger staff and friends. There were news crews that were there to film and report this on TV too!  We saw many faces that we knew at the school where the tournament was played, the same one where we attempted to adopt Katya and Karina.  There were many faces that we knew who were excited to see us and we had a great time connecting with them again.

 We met this sweet girl the first time that we were here.  She loved Dahlia then and she loves Dahlia now :)  I will not give names of the kids out of respect for the wishes of the staff here, but do know that we know every name and were ecstatic to see them again.

Got to see this great muchkin again!  I have to admit, he's one of my favorites and reminds me so much of my own boys.

This fella is a new friend.  Had a great time hanging with him.

The babysitters club.  They took Dahlia all over the fields and entertained her while we visited and watched the games.
Oh, what a sweet little man.  Here he is showing us how his noisemaker works.  Another one of my absolute faves.

This little guy asked for a family last time we were here.  Praying that they are out there and will come and get this sweet boy soon.

Look who we saw!  Nuff said, hee hee.

Jeff, Amy, Dahlia, Michael, Sergiy, Andriy and two kids from the school.  Michael is from Africa and is studying (in Russian!) in a local university.  He is super sweet and such a kid magnet.  Sergiy is a close friend and helps translate for us often.  We stayed with him and his family for several days of our trip.  Andriy we met in church and also an excellent translator.  His family lived in the US for a while.  Looks like he may be going back to for a year to New York.  And kids, just wonderful people too.

We met this sweet girl our first trip and she was friendly but kept her distance because were we there for Katya and Karina. This time she stayed very close and spent most of the day with us.  She asked if we would take her home but sadly we cannot.  She is adorable and funny and sweet and we would take her if we could!

Here she is hamming it up with Jeff.

 What a beautiful day it was, spent with a beautiful girl...

Dahlia didn't want anyone to hold here at this point.  Poor baby had enough of the soccer tournament at this point and thankfully we were able to push her in a stroller borrowed from the Agape Director and his wife, Sasha and Vera.  What a blessing it was and it allowed us to stay for more of the games.
Aaaaaaaaaaaah, back in Mama's arms :)

At this point, we let some kids take off with our camera and they took many pictures and we are happy to share them here.

They took pictures of their toys...

A picture of their Director...

Pictures of other kids...

Pictures of the games...
Pictures of the players...

Pictures of players who were done playing...

Pictures of onlookers...

Pictures of guys walking by...

Pictures of people walking.  In the orange is our buddy Vlad from the Joshua House :)


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