T Minus 2 and Counting...

...till we take off to Ukraine once more!  We have an appointment to adopt our 2 Ukrainian loves, Alex and Alona and the process starts on April 19th in Kiev.  We leave our 7 kids behind with good friends who will be staying with them in our home so that they can all be together and be in their own beds at night.  What a huge blessing the DeBoesers are!  We pray that they will still be our friends when we get back :D  Dahlia, who will be turning 1 as we touch down in Kiev, will be with us once again and we are praying she travels as well as she did the last time we made this trip.

As we are preparing to leave on Tuesday, God has been showering down blessing upon blessing to us.  Our church brought us forward this morning in order to let our congregation know about the adoption we are getting ready to undertake and to pray over us and to send us forth with their blessing and encouragement and prayers.  What a beautiful morning it was!  Then tonight, our Life Group had a family night and had all the kids of the families come too, so that should they be needed to step in during an emergency while we are gone, that they would know our kids and our kids would not be in the hands of strangers, should our care-taking family call on them for assistance.  We can't believe the kindness and thoughtfulness of our Life Group in thinking of such things and how they cared and loved us this evening.  We were blessed with fellowship and pizza and an amazing zip line in the back yard of our host family that the kids played on time and time and time again.  And we were able to share our story with them as well.  We will launch into the air on Tuesday knowing how very much we are loved and how very many prayers will be covering us as we go. 

And as we go, we are keeping our eyes on the Prize, and His name is Jesus.  And the two He is sending us to go and bring home, that we love so dearly...

Who, Lord willing, will join our wacky family with these lil boogers...

Will keep you updated as we roll!  So stinkin excited :D



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Our Family
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