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I'm so sorry that we have taken so long to get pictures up.  With only one adapter and multiple devices to keep charged, things just never worked out well for speedy transfer of photos.  As we waited for battery life to be restored, we were easily distracted with new things and people.  But here finally are the photos taken at the orphanage during our first couple of days visiting.  Hope you enjoy them.

Alona showing us her bedroom and the bed that she sleeps in.

 Here is Alona's group classroom.  It is the room right in front of their bedroom.  So it seems the kids spend a lot of time in this "quadrant" of the school - or outside.  They learn here, eat here (food is cooked for each group and then the caretakers bring the food to a small kitchenette here), play here and sleep here.  

 This is the hallway as you head toward the kids different group rooms.  They have birds, turtles, fish, a rabbit and maybe even a few other things to take care of.  It is a beautiful place.

 Alona again proudly showing us around.

 A sweet girl, Dasha, that followed Jeff around everywhere.  She and her 2 sisters apparently have an adoptive family on the way.  This is good, cause Jeff might have had to come home and get another paperwork package ready to go get these 3 also!

 Awesome boys in Alona's group.  The little man in the foreground is a piece of work and full of energy!  The other little guy follows his lead - they are quite a pair.

 Alona and mom out on the swingset the first day of our arrival.

 Dahlia in on the action too!  She has been a very good traveler for the most part and is happy with most everyone she meets.

 A family from Canada was here adopting Pavelina.  They brought bubbles and the girls had a great time together outside.

Alex showing us his hamsters.  The girls gave birth while we were here, and 7 more hamster babies have life.  He wonders if we can bring them on the plane home.  Told him only if we can find a valid birth certificate and get them a visa.  LOL... he believed me at first.  I love it.

 Alex and his best friend Andrey playing computer games together.  Andrey warmed up to us by the second day and was even telling Alex that he wished he and his sister could come home with this family, since he liked us very much.  We are not the bad guys in his mind anymore I dont think, which will be very helpful as we approach the final days.

 Another view of computer games.  They play here a while and then Alex goes outside or plays with other boys and finds other interests. Andrey on the other hand seems to stay here constantly.  Perhaps this was just his way of avoiding the situation.  

 Here is Alex's room.  His bed is the top bunk in the back corner.  This is a very clean and beautifully furnished and decorated place.  They do take great care of the kids entrusted to them here.  

 The view from outside an emergency exit door from Alex's room.  The playground outside is large with several sets of monkey bars and swings for the kiddos.

 Alona and Dahlia getting reacquainted.

 Daddy literally monkeying around with the kids.  The monkey act is a big hit and he always gets requests to show his true colors.  Even the older kids at the Joshua house requested a demo.  Probably what he will be best remembered for.

 Amy's turn to turn on the monkey act!

Dahlia enjoying some merry go round time outside with Alona.


  1. Thanks for the pictures, they are splendid, give'em my love and anxious to see everyone. Dad



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