Departing for Ukraine in the morning...

It is here again - time to pack and go; my oldest daughters and I are heading back to Ukraine for a mission trip into orphanages where we will be showing and sharing the gospel with many children and encoring the faith of other brothers and sisters who regularly reach into the lives of orphans in Ukraine. As I sit here all packed up - I wonder if we are really ready to go. Dalhia (the youngest) has found her voice and is wailing in defiance over not being held constantly by mom. Boys are scattered here and there, and the two year old is into everything. Its been a long couple of days of readying our packing list...and for some reason I had a bee in my bonet to get the Christmas lights hung today for my boys - something to bring them some joy while we are away I guess.

We will do our final devotional together tonight as a family and then head out at 9 am tomorrow morning. We have had an unexpected rearrangement in our schedule and while we have been preparing to go to Crimea for outreach projects, the Lord has redirected us through a number of circumstances back to Kherson. I am eagerly looking forward to finding out exactly what we will be doing, and hopeful for the chance to catch up on how Katya and Karina are doing. I am also looking forward to seeing a couple of other children in the Kherson orphanage that I met last time, and perhaps one that stayed with a friend of ours this past summer during hosting. We will see, I am not sure what God has planned for us exactly...but we will attempt to do all things for His glory and work hard to share the gospel with as many as we can - both in word and deed.

Please keep us in your prayers throughout the next week as the Lord brings us to your remembrance. Specifically, We will be traveling to Ukraine on 11/30 and 12/1, arriving late 12/1 - please pray for safe travels, smooth flight transitions, and open eyes for opportunities to share the gospel as we journey.

12/2 - 7 will be orphanage outreach where we will be sharing the gospel with children aged 7-18 in topical Bible Study lesson, interactive puppet shows, arts and crafts, and song. Pray for open hearts and changed lives as these orphans hear about the hope of true life in Christ Jesus, that they will respond to the monthly lessons and grow in their faith and knowledge of the Lord.

12/8-9 we will be traveling back home - again safe travels and open eyes.

Pray too for deeper changes in each of us (Anna, Gracie, and I) toward conforming to the image of Christ as a result of this trip, and for special relationship bonds to be formed and strengthened as we do this work together as a family team.

For Amy, please pray for patience, strength and endurance in keeping the home front operating as she cares for the other 6 children God has blessed us with. Satan will surely be on the prowl against what we are working for both on the front lines and back here at home. Pray for her protection against the enemy during the vulnerable time of my absence (not that I have any power, but Im sure he will take the chance to "divide and conquer" - but praise God we can withstand these attacks by the power of the One who has conquered death!). Thanks so much. Hope to send regular updates as opportunities avail.


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