Finding Denis a Mama and Daddy!

 I have a friend who hosted a precious little boy for a week and a half this summer.  They are not in a position to adopt but really want to find him a family.  Below is her blog post about her experience with him.  I have met him and he's adorable!  Please pass the word around for him and maybe consider if YOU might be his forever family...
So, here I have this precious 8 year old little boy in our care for a total of 9 days.  I am quickly reminded of how precious life is and how much we take for granted.

The other night before dinner, he was riding Coby's scooter and took a pretty hard fall.  He quickly got right back up like it was no big deal.  His knee was gashed open pretty good but he did not blink an eye or shed a tear.  He is a tough guy!  I reckon he has to be provided his circumstances.  Well, I didn't think it was quite as bad as it was until after dinner I decided to take him upstairs and "fix it up" for him.  When we got upstairs and I took a look, it was pretty bad.  I took some peroxide and a cotton ball and cleaned it up.  You could tell it hurt but he was being a tough guy....trying oh so hard not to cry!!  I asked if he was OK and he just shook his head yes.  After I cleaned it up, I just leaned in and gave him a big, long hug and kissed his cheek.  Then, I put some neosporin and a band-aid on it.  Again, trying to be so tough but he definitely sniffled a bit this time.  As I held him once again, I was reminded that this may be the last time he has a mama take care of his boo-boo as gently as I did, just hug him and ask him if he's OK.  I had this image of a care giver quickly cleaning it off and then telling him to move along.  Not caring whether it hurts, not giving him a hug, not asking if he's OK and not giving him a kiss.

I would like to ask if you know of anyone that would possibly be interested in adopting, has mentioned adopting, or may be fit for an 8 year old little boy...please pass this along to them.  He has already gone back to the Ukraine (I would say "home" but he doesn't have a home) but I would be happy to talk to anyone about him.  I will share everything that we have encountered during his visit with us....the good, the bad, the ugly.  I will be honest and hold no bars!

He needs a mama.  He wants a mama.  He longs for a family.  Is that you?

‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’  Matthew 25:40

Some information on this little guy:

He lives in the Ukraine; he was in America on a 3 week hosting program and already left to go back to the orphanage. He does not speak any English. He is 8 years old with the personality, intellect and emotions of a 5 year old. However, that is expected with children in Eastern European countries that live in orphanages. He has a LOT of energy and is very athletic! He needs a family that will have strong boundaries, that will not bend and break but will show him a lot of love.  He loves to help and usually does so without being asked.  He can eat!!  Just when I think there is no way he could eat another bite, he asks for more!  He does not always respond well to correction; however, his responses started getting much, much better and he'd only been with us for 10 days!!  I truly believe with all my heart that once he is in a permanent home and he realizes that he has a forever family that is not going to leave him, he will do so well.  


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