All Aboard!

Tonight Alexey came to pick us up and get us to the proper train.  It was about a 20 minute drive and a ticket booth stop and we were on our way to the landing area.  Within 10 minutes the train arrives and we board for departure.  His final instructions were that they all know we are coming, and that our driver (he couldn't remember his name), so someone hopefully is coming to get us.  And literally coming to get us right out of this compartment we have rented for the evening.  I don't know who it is, but Im hoping and trusting that he will be there on schedule for our next connection.

The train we have from Kiev to Kherson is wonderful.  The bathrooms could use a bit of spiffing up, but they are functional and fairly clean as best I can tell.  The good news for the ladies is that both the seat and lid are held in an upright position with a latch, only to be dropped when its service is needed.  Hopefully that keeps it fairly clean for the girls...cause yes its hard to aim on a rocking, swerving train (I managed it fine!).  

We watched Tangled on the iPad together and then decided to call it a night.  As I looked out the window at the approaching station stop, my mind began to wander down a trail of hopes and dreams and expectations.  How will that first meeting be, they are probably just as nervous as we are, thinking “what if they don't like us and change their minds”?  We realize too that we will under the close supervision and watchful eye of the inspector and the director to be sure that we interact well and that they don't think we are attempting to force the girls with us in any way.  That spotlight may feel a little uncomfortable, but while we are generally prepared with some thoughts to certain questions, we intend primarily to rely on Spirit of God within us to lead and guide us into all that we should say before these authorities.  The agenda at hand is one that we hope and intend for the glory of the Lord to be seen, so I believe that it qualifies as circumstance in which I can put my trust in His power through me when the time comes for questions and even meeting the girls.  I am already so excited about it that I had to make myself sit-down from the window.  I'm afraid I could stay awake all night day dreaming about what will happen over the next few days...but I need to be rested.  I pray now for rest and deep sleep that will produce a refreshed mind and body tomorrow well prepared to take on the days events and emotions.  Good night my family and friends.  I think of you often and am so encouraged by your outpouring of love upon us and the children and family.  You are remarkable, as we love you deeply.

Next morning: 5am.  We are still on the train, 5 more hours to go and 4 more stops.  Dahlia slept all night, it has been a good train ride.  We are getting glimpses of the countryside for the first time, but batteries are running low, so we will upload later.  Looking forward to a good day, we thank God for a restful nights sleep and are eagerly anticipating arrival.  


  1. This is so exciting to ride a long with you! Praying for you and yours!



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