More Waiting

We got a call this morning from Tonya (facilitator).  Grandma was already at the school by 9am.  She didn't think it would be a good idea to go while she was there, so said she would call when she got word that grandma was gone.

A couple of hours later, we get the call.  Grandma was less defensive and less obstinate today according to the caretaker (whom Tonya is friends with and was our eyes and ears).  So now that she is gone, we will wrap up some bill paying and then go visit with the children all day...most likely until 6pm tonight or so.

Rather than meeting the director today, when nothing can be decided, we are going to wait until tomorrow.  Tomorrow's venue will include the director, caregiver, Inspector, and Child Protective Services director.  Grandma will be there too.  I don't know if we will all be together or if there will be two separate meetings, but this is a good thing and a lot will be decided tomorrow.  For today, we go and spend as much time as possible with the kiddos.  Our future is in the hands of others, and ultimately in His hands, so we wait some more...

There wont be much action until then, so unless anything noteworthy happens, we will write again after the big meeting tomorrow.


  1. Hopefully God is softening Grandmas heart. I hope you all have a great day. Cant wait to hear from you tomorrow! Amanda

  2. Hey Jeff & Amy....we got home last night and are recovering from our cruise.....loads of fun and I'm glad to be home to my bed, pillow, routine, family, exercise, and work!

    We will be praying as you journey through the roadblocks being in your path.


    Dan and Lois



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