I woke up this morning about 5am after having a dream of Karina.  She came to me in her cute little pigtails and said in English with a thick Russian accent, "Don't worry.  I will be going with you to U.S."  I woke up and told Jeff and he said, maybe this is a word from the Lord.  I had the same sense that it is, but my faith is weak and I know that I can be easily deceived by my own heart's desires.

I have had a dream once before that I KNOW was from the Lord.  He showed me something I never would have known otherwise and I woke up in the middle of the night from my dream, investigated, and found what I had seen and was able to deal with a situation that I needed to deal with in the morning.  So I know that He can give dreams and that they are always for a reason and I can't help but think that He allowed me to see this in order to answer our prayer for encouragement that we are doing what He wants us to, which is the right thing, and that we are here in order to make these girls a part of our family.

Only time will tell if the dream is going to be reality.  But for the moment I am encouraged greatly.  PLEASE continue to keep us covered in prayer.  As the book "Adopted for Life" says, "Prayer is spiritual warfare."  We have an enemy who hates when we are adopted into God's family and he also hates to see the lost found and for us to be adopted into earthly families as well.  We are seeing this close up and personally!  And we must forge on.  God is fully able to see us through on this and He is fully able to close all doors, should we be in the wrong in our understanding.  Thanks so much for your prayers, concern and encouragement.  We plan to go see the girls today if we are able.  We don't know what Sunday holds for them.  They may be in church.  Who knows if Babushka will show up again.  She may be a daily visitor as long as she knows we are here.  But onward we press until all is finished.  We'll post later on how the day goes...


  1. Praying and praying some more! I'm so thankful God has carried you through the process this far and He is faithful to finish what He starts!!!!



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Our Family
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