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Dahlia Jean McCoy (being held here by Joel) was born May 18, 2011!

She (here with Price) can be quite fussy and that makes it difficult to blog very much.  She does not like to be put down and can be in a deep sleep, and I put her down, and she wakes right back up.  She has a fine-tuned Mommy radar!

Caleb is also super cute and talking like a little magpie....

...but he is always into something!  Here, he is into Dahlia's baby seat and bow.

Here is Levi, in his typical silly mode.  He doesn't think it's a good picture unless he's got his finger up his nose or has flipped his eyelids.

Jeffrey is turning into quite the little man and does a great job helping me cook, keep up with the lil bros and even mowing the lawn...

Anna and Joel.  Joel is wearing Anna's glasses here.  You see, she doesn't need them anymore!  She now has
contacts that she puts in right before bed that reshape her eyes while she sleeps.  Next day, she has 20/20 vision!  Our little oldest girl is growing up before our very eyes.

Gracie will be moving on up into middle school in the fall.  She too, is a lovely flower that we so enjoy watching bloom.
And speaking of flowers, here again is the lovely Dahlia in her new dress!

So it's been a while since we've updated.  We got our date to travel to go bring home K and K!  We leave June 4 and will have our hearing to begin adopting the girls on June 6.  Normally there is a 4 to 5 week window once you get your date for your hearing, but we got all of 2 weeks notice!  So we've
been scrambling to get all packed, get the just-in-case medicines to take with us and all the forms we will need for the adoption as well as a medical Power of Attorney for my parents, who will be staying with
kids whilst we are gone overseas.  Dahlia, of course, will be going with us!  We had so much fun shopping for K and K to get them new clothes.  They may not even leave with the clothes on their backs.  They have no personal belongings, so we must start from scratch.  

We have set up Skype for while we are gone and even so, Anna and Gracie are really struggling with us being gone...I for 20 days and Jeff for 6 weeks.  But we are devising a scheme that will have a daily surprise for them while we are gone will hopefully make for a fun time with Mimi and Pop while we are gone. 

That's all for now!  We will keep you updated on anything major that comes along.  And of everything as it unfolds overseas.  Just 6 days till takeoff...


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