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The final piece of the bureaucratic puzzle that we’ve been waiting for is USCIS approval and the receipt of the 171H form from them that allows us to bring K and K back to the US.  There have been some glitches along the way!  My fingerprints being delayed because of the cut on my finger and then my prints not being as crisp as they would like.  This ended up not being an issue, praise God!  Then next issue was Jeff’s birth certificate from Texas.  At the last minute, they requested this document from us and it is something that would not have come quickly at all.  But amazingly, when I called this morning to find out if Jeff’s passport would suffice, I was told that approval was already in place and that our 171H would be in our hands within a week!  Not sure how all of that happened, but am grateful that our very last piece that allows us to submit overseas is going to be here imminently.  As things stand, we could be traveling sometime in June to get our girls!

On another happy note, our letter (seen in the previous post) was delivered to our girls and they were super excited by it!  Their director also was really, really happy for them.  He said that they are such good girls and that he is so very glad that they will have a family now.  He understands that his work there is good, but can never replace a real, loving family.  Apparently he has been skeptical about Americans adopting his kids, but now is quite open to it and our adopting from his region may do great things to open up adoptions for lots of other kids.  We are pioneers in a way and so far, we have be well-received and are hopeful to start great friendships there that we hope will benefit many, many kids!

We are over the moon with how things are going and the words, once again, that K and K are wonderful girls!   We can’t wait to meet them.  Can’t wait to lavish them with so much love and attention.  Can’t wait to share their pictures freely once they are legally our daughters.  Please continue to pray that all goes well and that nothing will stand in the way of our mission.  Only 1.5 weeks or so left till our new baby comes!  The timing of it all is looking absolutely perfect.  To Jesus be all glory...


  1. I am so excited for You guys. With the orphanage director saying that they are good girls, hopefully that eases your mind somewhat. I'm willing to bet they will fit rout in with your precious family. I love you guys! And remember....the baby can't come until after Saturday. :)

  2. Yay for such good news! I am so happy for you and have been praying for your amazing family. You ARE pioneers. Pioneers always have the hardest time cutting a new trail because they are the ones that have to tear down all the big obstacles in the way. You have not only blessed and saved these little girls but you have blazed a trail for so many others to do the same! wow, that is so awesome!



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