Our letter to the girls...

Dear K and K,
We just found out that we can write to you and we are so excited to be able to do so! We want to know all about you too, so please write back! We have heard that you love cats and want to grow up to be famous artists. We would love to know more things, like: what kind of art do you like best? What other things do you like to do? What are your favorite foods? (We love to cook!) What are your favorite subjects in school? What kinds of music do you like?

We live in a state called North Carolina. It seems like Spring has already decided to come! Other parts of our country are still very cold and are still getting snow and ice. Here, though, temperatures are very spring‐like and flowers are already beginning to bloom in our yard. Grass is growing too. Last year, it seemed like Spring would never come but this year it’s so wonderful that it has come early. Everyone is enjoying the outdoors. Most days it is not quite warm enough to wear shorts, but the kids do anyway. I don’t really understand why being warm is almost never important to them…

We are busy getting ready for our new baby, who should be born in the middle of April. We do not ever find out if we are having a boy or a girl…we love surprises! My belly is getting bigger and bigger and I just got my first pair of eyeglasses. I have never needed glasses before and I am having to get used to them. We are also getting your room ready too! We are looking for just the right beds and pretty bedding to put on them. We will try to send pictures when they are ready.

We think about you every day. Your picture is on our refrigerator and we look at it every day and wonder what you are doing. We check to see what time it is in your city and what the weather is like. You are already in our hearts! We are not perfect. Sometimes we get mad at each other. Sometimes we argue. Sometimes we are selfish and don’t help each other like we should. But we have a Big Love that holds us together and when we make mistakes, we are quick to forgive. We are looking very forward to you being a part of our family! We are also overjoyed that you want us to adopt you, and, that you want to adopt us. We are really adopting each other you know – you are adopting us as parents and brothers and sisters, just as we are adopting you!

Here is a note from Gracie:
“Dear K and K, I can’t wait to see you in person! I was so excited when I heard you will be my new sisters! And I also heard that you love cats. Well, my friend Emily, across the street, has a cat named Boo. He is black and white and very friendly. He even lets you pick him up! I think you would enjoy him a lot. I also have a back yard with lots of room to run. It has a play set and a garden and swings. We also have a dog named Chloe. She is jumpy, but she does not bite.

My room is on the top floor and has a big closet with lots of pretty clothes. When you come, my mom will get you lots of pretty clothes to keep for yourselves, so you will have pretty clothes to wear for church. Church is fun to go to. There are lots of activities and games and singing and performing. I’m performing at a play at church. Maybe next year you can perform with me! Love, Gracie”

The other children will be writing to you soon! We hope to hear from you and all about how you are doing. We are trying to learn some Russian and hope to be able to say some things in a language that you know when we see you! I know that these are only words on a page right now, but we intend to prove to you that you are dearly loved by this family. Your brothers and sisters are eagerly awaiting your arrival. We too already consider you to be our children in our hearts and are working very hard to make that a legal reality.

Till we can come, and with much love and hugs,
The McCoys



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Our Family
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