He still moves mountains!

Today was a big day for us, one that had the potential for great disappointment.  We had received our hearing date in the mail for our Immigration appointment (set for March 11) and we were going in to ask them to fit us in today for our biometric (fingerprint) scan that is the next step for us in allowing us to bring our girls home as US citizens.  We have heard many stories about how we would have to beg and plead for mercy and let them know that time was of the essence, since the girls' country may shut down adoptions, any time now, for 6 months or so.  I was coached that that I needed to be a drama queen and maybe shed some tears and have an urgency that they couldn't turn down and to also use my pregnant lady status to appeal to their hearts.  On the way to Durham, though, I told Jeff, "I just can't do it.  I am not a drama queen and I'm not a good actress and I would feel like such a fool if I tried to do that.  I would probably ruin it because they would end up thinking I was crazy and would say to themselves, 'We can't let this lady adopt!  She's insane.'"  So we agreed that we would plead our case: adoptions could shut down soon;  our little girl has HIV and needs medical help now; we need to travel when the baby is small so that we get the benefit of newborn sleep habits.  No drama....

So we got to the Immigration office and parked.  We prayed that the Lord clear the way for us and also knew of many friends who were praying and felt peace and resolve as we walked in the doors.

First stop:  police officer.  Present papers and IDs.  It was like being at the airport, scanners and all. We presented our appointment papers and were expecting to beg to be let in despite the date being March, but not a word was said.  We put my purse and Jeff's wallet through the scanner and had to then walk through the metal detector.  I had expected that with my big belly, they would give me an enhanced pat-down or make me expose myself, but none of that happened and we passed through security with no issues.  Mountain #1...moved.

Next we were met by another security person who checked our papers and IDs.  Not a word about the date being way in the future.  She told us to sign in at the desk and we proceeded from there.  Mountain #2...moved.

We arrived at the desk to sign in, and a man with a kind and reassuring face met us there and checked our papers and IDs once more.  This is where I really expected the begging to begin.  But he read them over and began stamping them and told us to take a seat and to wait our turn. Again, no "Hey this says March 11 and you're here today?!"  Mountain #3...moved!!!

While we waited and watched CNN News on the TV, I continued to pray, basking in the glow of being in the middle of a great miracle, yet a tad fearful that something HAD to go wrong at some point.  Shortly, my name was called and I went up to get my fingerprints scanned.

This is where things just boggle the mind!  The scanner lady got to my last finger and it was rejected!  A small cut on it from yesterday made all of my fingerprinting null and void.  Sigh!  Jeff passed with flying colors :)  But I have to go back when my lil cut is gone and have them all done again.  But the staff there was SO kind!  They wrote on my appointment paper (again, with no mention of us being there way too early) that I have an open appointment to come back in any day, any time and they even said they would bump me to the front of the line!  Woo Hoo for that.  Now if God will just do a miracle and make my pinky all better by tomorrow!  Not banking on that...I guess my faith is just too weak.  But even my weak faith cannot stop Him, so I can rest in that knowledge.  For now though, I have Neosporin and a BandAid on it to help it along, as best as I can.  We can still rejoice that even if we have to wait for my pinky to heal a week before we can have my prints done again, we are still a good 3 weeks ahead of what was sheduled.  Praise Jesus for that!

All while we were in the middle of this process, we were asked questions like, "So where are you adopting from?"  "Is this your first baby?"  LOL on that one!  We were able to share a bit of our story and got great encouragement from the staff and those waiting as well.  What a beautiful day it has been already.  And it's not even lunch yet...


  1. Praise the Lord! We are rejoicing with you all and praying for you pinky! :)

  2. Wow! I am so happy for you and your amazing family!! God is good and mountains aren't even speed-bumps to Him! Ha! Can't wait to hear the wonderful climax to this adventure.

  3. Thanks! Still wondering at it all :)

  4. Praise God for His Answer to prayer! Amy! You need to put some raw honey on your cut! It will heal it much much quicker and faster! Much faster than Neosporin. You'll get back and be finger printed sooner! I will continue to pray for your adoption!



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