USPS is my friend!

In an amazing turn of events, I got a great little ditty in the mail yesterday.  This was the one thing that was holding us up at this point.  Our dossier could not be sent to us to begin working on because my passport hadn't come yet.  It got kicked out of the system because the lady at the post office forgot to make me swear The Oath that everything I filled out was correct to the best of my knowledge and have me sign it in her presence.  So I had to fill out the application again and re-send it and we were expecting it to take weeks to get the new passport.  Well, a few days later, via Priority Mail, there it was!  We were shocked and very happy to see this little blue book :)  Our agency fills out 90% of our dossier for us, so once we receive it, we only have about 2 days of work to do and then we can get it delivered and in processing.  Knowing Jeff, the 2 days will be 1 day!  He's a get-it-done kind of guy. 


  1. Woohoo! It's getting closer and more real. I look forward to meeting your new girls.....all three of them!:)



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