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In the midst of my grieving that I have shared too much about the girls that we want to adopt and being warned by several that others may try to swoop in and adopt them first, we get a phone call today from a dear friend to tell us that his eldest daughter, Jada, was diagnosed with Stage 2 Clear Cell Sarcoma of the kidney, which is a rare form of cancer  They found out 2 hours after her little brother, Pierce, was born, when Jada when into St. Jude's hospital for testing.  Jada is all of 5 years old.  She has had (if I understand correctly) her kidney removed and is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments to make sure that the football-sized tumor does not return nor spread to the rest of her little body.  She is horribly nauseous after her treatments, poor thing!  This little bundle of energy is now quite lethargic after her treatments as well and stands to lose all of her hair.

Please join me in praying for this precious family.  Jada has been given a 70% chance of survival.  Those odds sound really good unless you are the parent of a child with these odds.  I know from experience that odds are of limited comfort.  30% sounds huge when it's your child. 

If you would like to send a note of encouragement to the Rumbold family, you can do so at the family blog:  http://thedimewithdoug.blogspot.com/   Doug is a youth pastor and wonderful man of God and his wife, Jessica, is a treasured friend.  If you venture over to the blog, be prepared to be blessed by this family whose faith is still strong in the midst of a huge, unbelievable storm.  I've known them since Jess was pregnant with lil Jada and had the pleasure of lulling Jada to sleep while mom and dad got a much needed break!  They now live in Illinois...I so wish they were closer.

This crisis really puts into perspective how small my issues really are.  I will trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding.... 



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