The Grand Introduction...

...should be happening in a few days. The photo books that we are sending to the girls arrived safely into the hands of a teacher at their school who is in the US for the duration of the hosting program. We are told that she and the host family she is staying with were moved to tears that we took the time to put the photo album together, with a letter and descriptions of each family member and heart necklaces for each girl. This lovely woman who will be delivering these gifts will be "carrying the torch" for us and encouraging them that our family would be a great place to be! Many times the staff at the boarding schools for orphans are not pro-adoption and will tell the children that they will be prostituted in the US or killed and sold for body parts. I have heard this firsthand from an Eastern European man so I know that these statements are not just rumor in the adoption arena. What a blessing to have an advocate on our behalf who knows and loves them and wants to see them in a good home.

Our home study was accepted by our adoption agency and we now have to wait for my passport to arrive before we can proceed with the next time-sensitive item: the I-600A immigration form that we must submit in order to bring our new family members home as US citizens. That part will take 5 weeks to process. Still much to pray about! But it is so exciting to know that we will be "introduced" to the girls soon and will (hopefully) find out if they desire to be a part of our family....


  1. I get goosebumps thinking about it! I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the girls receive their photo album and necklaces.

  2. Just found your blog and was so excited to see the girls' picture! I saw them on the hosting program blog and prayed that they'd find a family! Blessings as you go!

    (If they're in Kherson -which you probably shouldn't actually say on your public blog- make sure you contact Heidi and Felix over at They've done one adoption there and are headed back for another. Good Christian contacts who know the city and orphanage there well.)

  3. Oh wonderful for you and for them! Your excitement and anticipation must be out of this world! Praying that all goes well for you!
    Susie Klein, (one of your Doodlebucket writers!)

  4. Thanks ya'll! I am trying hard not to get too excited since you never know till it's over. Thanks for the blog...I've seen that one but didn't know where they adopted from!



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