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The kids all go back to Eastern Europe today.  Such a bittersweet send-off for so many.  Our chaperone who knows the girls will be going too and delivering their goodies soon.  I now have to hope that we get to them first.  I made the mistake of posting on a yahoo adoption list a little about them and asked for encouragement since all we tend to hear is horror stories of kids who are psychopathic and want to kill their adoptive families.  Apparently I shared just enough information that someone else could come along and try to adopt them out from under us.  So very sad.  Someone that cold-hearted and selfish has no business adopting.  These girls are already, in our hearts, a part of our family.  How cruel would it be to try to snake adoptive children away from a family that has loved them, prayed for them and have spent much money to begin to adopt them? 

Please pray that no one else will care to know or adopt these girls and that we will not get caught up in fear.  We have asked the moderators of the lists we are on to remove the info and hopefully they will.  This is such spiritual warfare and such an emotional roller coaster anyway, I can't imagine the grief if someone did this to us!  I have heard a number of stories where just this thing has happened.  Facilitators in their country will pressure them to accept another family since the facilitator has money to be made if they agree.  So sad that this could turn into a competition...


  1. The enemy is playing with you like a cat does a mouse. The Lord is in control and He knows where these girls are supposed to be. What I am praying is that it is at your table feasting with your family. May you be open to the comfort the Lord is offering you on this. I wish, like you, we all knew the true status of these sweet girls. I am praying for you.

  2. Thanks Thea, it is a delicate balance :) We should hear something soon! Hope to be able to share REALLY soon!



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