Homestudy This Friday!

Our first homestudy of two will be in 2 days.  We have completed several courses online in how to relate to and deal with adopted children.  We have several more to go, but are making great progress.  Jeff has initiated an SBI background check and has been fingerprinted.  I need to do the same.  We have filled out much paper work and are plowing through as quickly as we can.  Our dream is to get the girls before our baby is due on April 17.  Otherwise, we will have to travel with a newborn!  God's grace will be sufficient...

We are hosting a Ukranian orphanage director from the girls' area for Christmas, about a week and a half.  We will be trying to spoil him rotten and show him the best of American hospitality.  We also hope that he knows the girls or at least, of them and can tell us more about them.  We are still so in the dark about much of their history but should be able to find out more once the hosted orphans have been put on the planes to the US.  Can't wait to meet them!

Just one more step in the race we are running.  Please keep us in prayer...



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Our Family
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