Preparing our Fields

A recurring theme throughout my process of believing God and looking to follow His leading has been the signature line of my friend Thea's email: "Faith goes to market with a basket."  This saying is very much like the scene from Facing the Giants.  The older teacher tells the coach something like this:  "Two farmers are in need of rain and they each pray to God to send it.  Only one farmer goes out to prepare his fields to receive the rain.  Which one do you think believes God will send the rain?"  Coach answers:  "The one who prepared his fields."  Teacher:  "God will send the rains when He's ready.  You need to make sure you're ready to receive it."  [Insert dramatic music!]

All along as I have waited on the Lord to move in Jeff and as I waited for the word to come back that the girls were still available for adoption, I continued to carry my basket to market and prepare my fields by faithfully doing what I knew needed to be done in order to receive these girls should they one day become our daughters.  I began to research HIV and to learn the Russian language (Ya nyi pinyimayo pa Ruskie!).  I ordered books on adoption and in particular on adopting older children.  I kept moving forward, trusting God would make the ways straight and provide the funds.    Each step of the way, He has provided both.

I can see this way of living to be a model for all of life!  Just be sensitive to what God wants (which means forsaking our own agenda) and then move toward fulfilling His calling to the best of your ability and wait for Him to clear the obstacles that seem too big to pass over.  My faith in Him and His ability to lead me when I can't see 2 feet in front of my face has grown immensely.  I can totally see why the famous George Mueller loved to live by faith and refused large donations because he didn't want to miss the thrill of seeing the Lord provide daily.  May we be more like George: faithful, courageous and trusting in the provision or our Great King!


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Our Family
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