Books We Are Reading...Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!

Only dangerous if you want to keep on, keepin' on with the same ole, same ole!  Again, I have my friend Thea to thank...her influence on our family is great.  She recommended Radical by David Platt to us and it was her secret "weapon" for getting Jeff to consider adopting the girls.  Little did he know we were conspiring with God against him!  I had begun reading it but hadn't gotten too far.  Jeff has devoured the book and is going through it with his small group of guys and they are already on fire because of the challenges in this book.  It's probably the best and most challenging book I've ever read, hands down. A wonderful tool for finding out what God wants you to do with the life He has given you.  Not specifically on adoption but certainly will encourage in ministry, no matter which one He leads you to.

Next is Adopted for Life by Russell D. Moore.  Dr. Moore makes the correlation between the Christian's adoption into the family of God, being formerly from a family of great darkness and our adoption of orphans who come from dark and hopeless places into our loving homes.  He has adopted two boys from Russia and knows of what he speaks.  One of his big pet peeves has been people separating children into "real" children and adopted children.  He points out that adoption is an event in time and after that, the children are our "real" children.  People often have a problem with this and ask rude questions and aren't satisfied with the children all being "real".  He says this is akin to Satan coming up to a Christian and asking the question, "Are you really His son?  Are you sure?  There is absolutely no family resemblance!"  Oh, how true this is.  How often do we get confused and doubt our inheritance and our future with our Father in Heaven.  This book is chock full of great theology, moving stories and encouragement.  Highly recommended whether you want to adopt children into your family or not.

In addition these and to kids' books on Ukraine and on the Russian language, we are reading The Connected Child by Purvis and Cross.  From the cover..."For parents who have welcomed children: From other countries and cultures, from troubled backgrounds, with behavioral or emotional needs".  Chances are very good that we will encounter all three of these!  It's nice to know that there is a book on it and that there are so many resources close by to help.

If you have any additional suggestions for reading, we would love to hear about them!


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